Virtual mobility: European education and beyond

Student mobility and exchange programmes are very common activities among the Higher Education students nowadays. ERASMUS exchange programmes were initiated to encourage the transnational cooperation among universities in 1987. At the moment, about 2200 Higher Education Institutions in 31 countries are participating in ERASMUS. In the last 20 years, 1.2 million students have had such an European mobility study experience. This event will investigate ways to improve the efficiency of the Erasmus programme through the support for an extended Erasmus action. This action would be a complement to the existing Erasmus exchange programmes. More specifically, virtual Erasmus will be issued, since it can be mainly used to prepare and follow-up the physical mobility, and to support teachers in coaching at a distance. The participants are expected to contribute to the design of such an extended Erasmus action.

Type: Event on Education

Place: Sofia,Bulgaria

Dates: 15-21 Sept, 2007

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