BEST Sofia

Presently BEST Sofia consists of 32 full members, who are working free of charge for the organization, trying to promote the International activities of BEST among the students from the Technical University-Sofia. We had created as well an additional network of Projects, which will help the students in their development in the future, in their education and career.

What do the students recieve:

  • * Possibilities to attend free of charge technical courses, organized by 67 Universities in 27 European countries;
  • * Possibility to take part in seminars, and to discuss matters, related to the Educational system in Europe as well as to contribute and to give their opinion, regarding the introducing of new methods of Education;
  • * To attend training courses on marketing, leadership, communication, fundraising, work in a team and others;
  • * To meet students, studying technical specialties from whole Europe, to get acquainted with different traditions and cultures;
  • * To travel, to visit new places in Europe and to have fun.

What do the companies,
supporting the events, whose help is the main factor for the existence of BEST Sofia and BEST International, receive:

  • * Popularity both among the Bulgarian and foreign students, who visit the events, organized by us;
  • * Possibility for presentations in front of the students;
  • * Possibility for advertising in all printed issues of BEST and on our Internet site;
  • * Contacts with the students - future Bulgarian and foreign;
  • * Your potential employees in the nearest future.